General Family Dispute Mediation

If you are in dispute with any member of your family, why not try mediation? As most conflict originates from a breakdown in a relationship and/or communication, having a constructive conversation with someone can in some cases restore that relationship. Even if the relationship is not restored, a mediation session can still provide some clarity for parties from hearing each other’s point of view and perspectives, and maybe find out why they ended up in a dispute in the first place.


Sometimes, there may be conflict between a teenage child and a parent after separation; teenage children often have their own perceptions of what happened, and who they feel is to blame, in regard to their parents’ separation, and can ‘reject’ a parent as a result. Parent and Teenager Mediation can provide a safe space for the Teenager to talk about how they feel and what they need from the parent they have ‘rejected’ to enable a restoration of the parent/teenager relationship at a level both the Parent and the Teenager can agree to.

Should you be interested in Parent and Teenager Mediation, please note the following:

  • For this service, a Teenager is defined as 13 to 18 years of age

  • Both parents must provide written consent for the child to attend

  • As with any proposed mediation, the practitioner will see each party first to determine if it suitable to proceed to a joint mediation session

  • Not all matters are deemed suitable for Parent and Teenager Mediation; even if both parents have consented to the child attending a joint mediation session, the practitioner may not deem it suitable to proceed.