Post Separation Mediation


Post-separation Mediation, also known as Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), is a structured, child focused process, facilitated by an impartial Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), where separated parents can talk through issues and concerns they have about their children in the context of family separation, and hopefully reach some outcomes for their children.

Common topics parents discuss in FDR are parental communication, care arrangements, and how to share their parental responsibilities. The FDRP guides parents through the mediation process, and assists parents to focus on their child/children’s current and future needs, from a solution-focused perspective, without any pressure to reach outcomes; a far quicker, less stressful and cheaper alternative to court processes, FDR has long been recognised in research as achieving positive outcomes for parents and their children.


Child Informed Family Dispute Resolution means that children can have an indirect voice in the FDR session. An independent and impartial Child Consultant attends a session with the child/children prior to the FDR session and provides feedback to the parents about the child/children’s needs as explored in the session; such feedback may assist the parents in ensuring their child/children’s needs are met when exploring options for resolution in the FDR session.

Should you be interested in Child Informed FDR, please note the following:

  • Children must be over the age of 6 before being considered for Child Consultation

  • Both parents must provide written consent for the child/children to see the child consultant

  • As Child Consultation includes more sessions, i.e. an additional assessment session for each parent as well as a session for each of the children, this means the process will take longer.

  • Not all matters are deemed suitable for Child Informed FDR; even if both parents have consented to child Consultation, the child/children may not be seen by the Child Consultant if they deem it is not suitable to proceed

Property/Financial Settlement After Separation

The impartial Mediator guides parties through a structured process to assist them to settle financial disputes after separation. As with FDR, the approach is facilitative and solution focused without any pressure from the Mediator for parties to reach outcomes.

For more information on Family Dispute Resolution, visit or call The Family Relationship Advice Line on 1800 050 321

Post Separation Mediation About Pets

As with mediation about children or property settlement, separated parties can discuss the future care of their pets following separation.