Pre Separation Mediation

Is your relationship in trouble?

Have you and your partner hit a rocky patch? Maybe you are thinking of separating but you are not sure, or maybe you want to separate, but you want to ‘break up nicely’?

Mediation and More can assist you in finding a way forward, whether that be staying together or separating. At Mediation and More, a mediator can assist by providing the space to have a constructive, future focused conversation.

A therapeutic approach to mediation, pre-separation mediation is best described as a fusion of couple counselling and mediation, whereby an impartial mediator facilitates a constructive, future focused conversation between partners; commonly, couples may talk about past or current emotional hurt, or how they feel they have been wronged, and needs are recognised before problem-solving a restorative future-focused outcome. Supported through this process, the couple determine themselves if they decide to stay together or separate, and how the way forward for each of those outcomes may look.