More Mediation Services

Preparing for mediation

Are you attending mediation and would like some tips of how to achieve your goals? Whether you are attending mediation with Mediation and More or somewhere else, you can do yourself a favour by preparing for mediation. If you are attending mediation with Mediation and More, it is a requirement that our clients attend a Preparing for Mediation session

Conflict coping skills

Whether you are engaged in a mediation process or not, if you are in conflict with someone and it’s getting you down, attending a conflict coping skills session may assist you looking at the conflict from a different perspective, and assist you to cope better with the conflict.

Communication skills

Words are powerful – but did you know that over 90% of all communication is ‘mis-communication’? Or that over 90% of all communication is decoded from body language? If you feel you are often misunderstood, or struggle to speak up for yourself or be understood clearly by others, consider accessing some clear, assertive communication tools – this could also help you towards achieving you goals if you are attending mediation.

Motivational goal setting

Are you struggling achieving your goals? Find you often start but does not complete what you started – or don’t know where to start on that big dream of yours? Structured goal setting, using the ‘SMART’ goal setting tool, combined with a brief solution focused approach, may just be the tool you need to steer yourself in the right direction.

Supervision and Mentoring

Having completed an Accredited supervision course, combined with years of experience, Hanne can assist students of mediation and FDRP students with professional de-briefing, supervision and mentoring to help you get the skills you need.